AS-3630 Addressing System

The AS-3630 features six fixed print heads, for a three inch by twenty inch print area. the heavy duty feeder can help with the up to 40000 envelopes per hour.

Mid to High Volume Addressing Systems

AS-960 Addressing System

The AS-960 Addressing System offers the job status as it prints, with HP printing technology. The AS- 960 can print barcodes with its six fixed print heads and  can print up to 26000 envelopes per hour. 

AS-950C Addressing System

The AS-950 Addressing system is equipped with Memjet Technology, and had the option to be equipped with MColor Technology, offering a more precise coloring of graphics on envelopes. 

AS-940 Addressing System

The AS-940 Addressing System features a fixed head in addition to HP inkjet technology. A belt helps the high output of 22,000 Envelopes per hour, with good quality.

AS-510C Addressing System 

The AS-510C prints up to 4000 envelopes per hour, with two heads: Black and tri-color. 

Low to Mid Volume Addressing Systems

Addressing Systems

High Volume Addressing Systems

AS-930 Addressing System

The AS-930 features a fixed print head, in addition to HP printing technologies. As well as that, it features the plug'n play, and can process 27,000 envelopes an hour. Also, the AS-930 integrates with CASS and PAVE software.

AS-710 Addressing System

The AS-710 Addressing system has some settings that might be of interest to some. The AS-710 offers the plug'n play option, as well as HP Print Technology. Also, it integrates with CASS and PAVE software easily. 

Production Volume

AS-3640 Addressing System

The AS-3640 Addressing System is able to work alone or in line with other machines. With 12 fixed heads, the AS-3640 can print 40000 envelopes per hour and print in a 6 inch by twenty inch area. 

AS-980 Addressing System

The AS-980 Addressing System is equipped with six fixed heads, HP printing Technology and a vacuum transport. With that, it can print up to 26000 envelopes per hour. 

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