PF-80 Document Folder

this Document Folder can manage 20,100 pages an hour, and has a balanced input/output. The PF-80 does include Programmable jobs.

Folding/ Inserting Systems

PF-60 Document Folder

This folder can process up to 15,500 pages an hour, with the input and output feed balanced. The pages can vary in size, as well.

DS- 90 Folder/ Inserter

The DS-90 has a full color touchscreen, for ease of use, and is able to process 4300 inserts in an hour. It has a continuous feeding for 3125 sheets.  

Medium Volume

DS-1200 Folder Inserter

The DS-1200 has a fully configurable system, with automatic job changes, and the ability to process up to 1200 letters per hour. 

DS-75i Office Folding and Inserting machine

The DS-75i is able to process 3,600 inserts an hour, and includes a color touch screen. The DS-75i is also capable of a high-capacity document feeder, and vertical stacker.

DS-85 Folder/ Inserter

The DS-85 has a full color touchscreen, for easy use, and is able to process 4,000 inserts in an hour, and is able to have continuous feeding for up to 3,120 sheets.

Low Volume

PF-90 Fully automated Document folder

The PF-90 is an automated Document folder, and, with a balanced input/output feed, can manage 20,100 Documents an hour.

DS- 63 Folder Inserter

The DS-63 Folder Inserter is able to process documents five pages thick, with four different configurations. It is able to have fifteen programmable jobs, to make things even simpler.

DS-65 Folder

The DS- 65 is easy to use, with the simple user interface. The DS-65 is able to process around 2,400 documents an hour, and is able to do a wide amount of jobs.

High Volume

DS-200 Folder/ Inserter

With a 15 inch user interface, the DS-200 Folder/ Inserter has an unlimited job memory, and is able to process up to 4800 letters per hour. Those folders include Letter, single, and double, parallel, and zig zag folds. 

DS-140 Folder/ Inserter

The DS-140 Folder/Inserter has a variety of features, including, yet not limited to, the ability to store Jobs, an automatic Double Document detection, eliminating documents going to the wrong recipient, and folding such as letter, Single, double parallel, and zig zag. It is able to process 4500 letters an hour.