The Im/IS-6000 is able to process 210-300 letters a minuet, with a screen of 15 inches, with a dominate color of Blue to reduce eye strain. The letters can be under 13 by 15 inches, and up to .8 inches.

IN-700 Mailing System

The IN-700 can process letters at a rate of 140 envelopes a minuet. The letters can range in size from 3.5 by five inches, to ten by thirteen inches, with a thickness of 5/8 of an inch. The machine is 18 inches by 67 inches long, by 13 high (With Dynamic scale. Without, 18"x50"x13).

Medium Volume Machines

Our machines are able to seal, print postage, and more! We can help you figure out what you want for your machine based on your volume of mail.

Low Volume Machines

Mailing Machines

High Volume Machines

IN-600 HF Mailing System

The IN-600 HF is able to process around 75 envelopes a minuet, ranging from 3.5 by 5 inches, to 10 by 13 inches, with a thickness of a half inch. The machine is 15 inches by 33 inches long by twelve inches tall.

IN 360 Mailing System

The IM 360 is good for a low volume of mail per day. It manages around forty-five pieces of mail a minute, with the range of envelopes of a minimum of three and a half inches by five inches, to ten inches by thirteen inches, with a maximum thickness of 3/8 inches.

IN-750 mailing Machine

The IN-750 is able to process anywhere from 120 letters to 300 in a minuet, and to a thickness of 4/5 of an inch! the letters are able to range in size, and can go up to 13" by 15"​.

IN-600 AF Mailing system

The IN-600 AF can process 110 Envelopes per minuet, with the sizes ranging from 3.5 by 5, to 10 by 13, with a thickness of a half inch. The Machine is 15 inches by 50 inches long, and 12 inches tall.


The IM/IS- 5000 is able to process anywhere from 210 to 300 letters a minuet. the letters can be anywhere under 13 by 15 inches, and under .8 inches. The IM/IS-5000 has a control panel of 5.7 inches, and is adjustable.