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These Prices do not include delivery or shipping surcharges, or tax. When you get your item, there will be an invoice in the box/bag to tell you the final amount. If you have any questions, please call (608) 781-5440.

Machine InkLabels
IN/IM 420/430/440/460/480/490
IN/IM 300/400 Series Ink 

WJ Full Tapes (Set of 2 boxes. 600/ box)


IN 600/700

IN/IH 600/700 series Ink Cartridge


IH 600/700/750

IM 330/350/360

IM 300/400 Ink Cartridge


Pinwheel Tapes (600/box) 


IM 280

IM 280 Ink Cartridge


IM 5000

IM/IS 5000-6000 Series Ink Cartridge


 OEM Half Tapes


IM 6000

For ordering supplies

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