Our Neoship software has three levels, beginning with Neoship BASIC. Some features include supporting USPS classes such as Priority mail, first class package service, and others. Neoship BASIC also allows address verification, email notifications, and postage refunds, when available. Neopost PLUS includes all the features Neopost BASIC does, as well as additional benefits, such as proof of delivery, and address import. Neoship ADVANCED is the final level, with the features of both neoship BASIC and PLUS, as well as single screen interface, batch processing capabilities, and address groups for convenience. 

DimStation Industrial 
DimStation Industrial has the fastest dimensioning time of all, with it just taking 200 milliseconds per item. During the scanning, DimStation reads the barcode, takes both a high and low resolution photo, one for confirmation, one Suitable for OCR, and XML-based API integration.
DimStation was created to measure packages. Any shape is able to be measured, such as cubes, tubes, polybags, and irregulars. The station can be applied to both industrial and retail practices, the system can be integrated with any USB scale, if desired, and the system has an accuracy of 5mm, or 0.2 Inches. None of the system moves, and it is contained within a sealed unit on a pole. Also, the DimStation was invented and is made in the USA.  

Satori Bulkmailer software is CASS Certified, PAVE Gold Certified, Intelligent Mail Technology, NCOALinkTM  service, Simple importing and exporting features, Mail Sorting, and Multi-user Architecture. 

Docutransfer manages to work with many formats, including PDF, CSV, TSV, XML, TXT, as well as others. In the documents, there is the ability to determine what elements are static, and what are dynamic, and rules for printing can be put in place, so printing, routing, mailing, sorting, and archiving functions can all work smoothly. 
With 23.6% of all mail being addressed incorrectly, there is a cost of $2 billion to the USPS, and even more to business mailers. Satori Architect can correct data already entered into databases, and Satori integrates with ease into most programs that work with contact information. Architect can help reduce your debt ratio, with up to $10 savings per package potentially. Satori Architect is able to validate, correct, update, and enhance your contacts and their addresses. 

Enhanced mailing and shipping by Neopost (EMS) was created to mail and ship packages with ease. Address correction, email notifications, online tracking, intelligent mail package Barcodes (IM*pd) compliance are all features that are available with the software. 


Enterprise Shipping System by Neopost (ESS) aims to help employees make shart shipping choices, with many features, such as cloud based shipping, an easy to use user interface, local and corprate address books, ability to compare DHC, FedEd, UPS, and USPS rates. Online tracking is also available, with an optional single user sign on. 

DimStation XL

All of the information for the basic DimStation holds true for DimStation XL, though there are some differences. DimStation XL is mostly for industrial use, instead of retail. The area that can be measured is a bit bigger as well, as packages can be up to 48 by 32 by 32 inches. This does allow a slightly different option in where the station is, as placement is flexible. 

Output Management


All businesses are aware of the struggle between cutting costs and increasing efficiency, and improving customer satisfaction. OMS-500 has a simple user interface, can process up to 10,000 documents per minuet, in standard formats such as PDF, PCL5, TNO, PostScript, XML, and can handle multiple languages. 

Satori infuse Desktop 
Satori Bulkmailer software is CASS Certified, PAVE Gold Certified, Intelligent Mail Technology, NCOALinkTM  service, Simple importing and exporting features, Mail Soprting, and Multi-user Architecture. 

Software solutions 

Satori Easy Track

Satori EasyTrack Software can help anticipate the progression as items are mailed. The information is then changed into reports and maps. On the dashboard of Easytrack, the status of all mailings is available, and predetermined reports can help you understand the progress of a mailing. With Intelligent Mailing barcodes, the location of any piece of mail can be found. Reports can also be scheduled in various forms, Excel, PDF, CSV, TXT, and word, and can be emailed from the EasyTrack website.

Satori Data Quality Solutions 

Shipping and tracking 


The OMS-200 software aims to smooth work with folder inserters, by simplifying and centralizing documents that will be used with your folder inserter. The OMS-200 software is able to automate optical marks, ensure that documents go to the correct customer, automatically handle mail, merge different documents for the same customer, and sort your mail. This software is compatible with all folder inserters, as well, and the OMS-200 focuses on three things: automation, optimization, and collaboration.